Just to see how tough it is for biopharmaceuticals companies trying to obtain financing, I put together a list of firms that have released some negative press in the past few months. The list is by no means comprehensive, considering that private companies are not obligated to report their financing situation.

Genaera Corporation, Isolagen Inc., Torrey Pines Therapeutics, Evotec AG, La Jolla Pharmaceuticals, Trubion Pharmaceuticals, Northstar Neuroscience, Targeted Genetics, Cardiace Science, Telik, Oscient Pharmaceuticals, Advanced Life Sciences, DeCode Genetics, Anesiva, and DiObix.

Update: Sorry for any confusion. I didn’t mean to imply that any of the companies listed above would go bankrupt. I was just pointing out that many companies need to conserve cash given the current financing environment.

One thought on “Deathwatch

  1. lyme3m says:

    Huh? This doesn’t make much of any sense. What bad press has ADLS, TELK, or etc. had recently? Can you please post some references to validate your claims? Also, what about any one of these companies eludes they are prime for bankruptcy?

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